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Singapore Airlines Cargo's News (1)

11 November
Singapore Air grounds three A380s for 'precautionary' engine changes

Singapore Airlines has been forced to perform engine changes on three of its Airbus A380s as a result of ongoing investigations into the uncontained failure of a Rolls-Royce Trent 972 on a Qantas A380 last Thursday after take-off from Singapore (ATW Daily News Nov. 9).

Initially SQ inspected all its 11 A380s, powered by Trent 970 engines, and returned them to service with some flights delayed. It performed one engine change but said it was unrelated.

Yesterday a spokesman told ATW that “based on further analysis of inspection findings as the investigation into last week's incident is progressing, Singapore Airlines will be carrying out precautionary engine changes on three A380s.”

The spokesman added that “Rolls-Royce has recommended further detailed inspections of three engines [one on each aircraft] as a result of oil staining. This is to ensure that the cause of the oil staining can be determined.”

The three A380s were located at Melbourne, Sydney and in London and it was planned to ferry them back to Singapore for the work. SQ added that the rest of its fleet would continue normal operations. “Any further checks that may be recommended by the manufacturers will of course be done and, in the meantime, we continue with our regular routine checks,” the spokesman said.

The QF fleet of six A380s remains grounded with no firm date of when the aircraft will be returned to service. Qantas is expected to take delivery of three more A380s before Christmas.

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