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Country Flag Germany
Country Code DE
Region Europe

Germany News (2)

12 April
Lufthansa: Airlines' inclusion in EU ETS in danger of becoming 'fiasco'

Lufthansa said that "too many problems remain unresolved" regarding implementation of airlines' inclusion in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, leaving open the prospect that the initiative will become a "fiasco" when it goes into effect at the beginning of next year (ATW Daily News, Oct. 12, 2010).

"All of the scheduled deadlines have so far been missed and numerous legal and technical questions remain unanswered—just as 2012 tickets are beginning to go on sale and only eight months before the 'official kick-off'," LH stated in its latest "policy brief" issued Monday. "The aviation industry therefore still has no way of knowing what the major economic parameters will be."

The EU directive mandating airlines' inclusion in the ETS was supposed to be enacted into law by each of the body's member nations by February 2010 (ATW Daily News, Nov. 25, 2010). "Yet most governments have so far failed to do so owing to the complexity of including the international transport sector in emissions trading," LH pointed out. "It certainly cannot be said that the directive is being implemented in a uniform manner which preserves competition."

One major problem, LH contended, is that emission allowances (ATW Daily News, March 8) are based on 2010 traffic figures. "However, that year was marked by airspace closures due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland. The result will be significant distortions in the allocation process," the airline stated. "The European Commission must urgently abandon this benchmark and present a fair solution once and for all."

The issues surrounding the ETS "are exacerbated by the continued lack of clarity" on whether it is legal to impose the scheme on non-EU carriers (ATW Daily News, March 22), LH asserted, adding, "Numerous non-EU states have announced that they will withdraw from the emissions trading scheme and it is still not known how the EU will deal with these [attempts to reject the ETS]. The European Commission is considering simply revoking the traffic rights of airlines, a highly dubious move."

24 March
Lufthansa MRO and IT subsidiaries post earnings drops

Despite overall strong earnings growth for the Lufthansa Group in 2010 (ATW Daily News, March 18), Lufthansa Technik and Lufthansa Systems both reported declines in operating result for the year. LHT’s €268 million ($188.5 million) operating profit marked a 19% drop from €331 million earned in 2010. The MRO unit's annual revenue lifted 1.4% to €2.4 billion, but "we were as expected unable to repeat" 2009's operating performance, said LHT Executive Board Chairman August Wilhelm Henningsen, citing pricing pressure and customers postponing or canceling planned maintenance work.

LHT CFO Peter Jansen noted, "MRO businesses are late indicators in the aviation industry and as such Lufthansa Technik's revenue initially declined in 2010. But during the second half of the year it rose to exceed the previous year's levels. However, some customer revenue was lost as a result of the [global financial] crisis and that led to shortfalls in our result."

Regarding pricing, Henningsen told ATW in Hamburg, "We can only make a profit … at any of our locations if we produce at a competitive cost-per-item. The market remains competitive."

He said subsidiaries in Budapest, Manila and Sophia help LHT to operate more cost effectively, but keeping costs low has "challenged us for 20 years," Henningsen said. "If you do MRO work on an engine, 75% of your costs are based on material, 25% on man hours. On an aircraft frame, up to 85% [of costs are] man hours. That's why we have subsidiaries in" lower cost regions.

He continued, "This is one reason why we are expanding our facility in Sophia with [an investment of] €10 million [to] double our MRO lines to four." The expanded LHT Sophia facility should be operational in two years. It performs MRO work on Airbus A320s and Boeing 737s.

Separately, Lufthansa Systems cited "a difficult economic environment and significant one-off costs" for a 37.5% decline in operating result to €10 million ($14.2 million) in 2010 compared to 2009. Revenue fell 1.7% to €595 million while revenue from external customers declined 4.9% to €232 million.

"Given our customers' reluctance to make investments, we can be satisfied with this result," CEO Stefan Hansen stated, adding, "Yet it also documents the fact that we must take strong measures to ensure that Lufthansa Systems can continue to develop and safeguard its leading position in the market."

LHS launched a cost-cutting and business realignment program in the second half of 2010. Dubbed "Jetzt!" ("Now!"), it aims to trim annual expenses by €25 million and generate an equal amount of additional revenue by June 30. Also, the company is being reorganized into three profit centers "oriented on its customer groups."

LHS expects revenues to decline again this year as it "migrates to new technologies, which are more cost-efficient for its customers. Additionally, some contracts will be terminated as [LHS] adjusts its portfolio." However, benefits from the Jetzt! program are expected to result in an earnings turnaround in 2011.

"By realigning Lufthansa Systems, we want to further improve our ability to support our customers in dealing with the challenges of their markets," Hansen said.

Companies located in Germany (152)

No. Company name Logo IATA Prefix
1 Aban Air
2 ACR Airlines Aero Charter
3 ACT Airlines
4 Aeroflot - Russian Airlines
SU 555
5 Aeroflot-Cargo
SU 507
6 Africa West
FK 858
7 Afriqiyah Airways
8U 546
8 Air Algerie
AH 124
9 Air Armenia
QN 907
10 Air Bosna
JA 995
11 Air Canada
AC 014
12 Air China
CA 999
13 Air France
AF 057
14 Air India
AI 098
15 Air Jamaica
JM 201
16 Air Koryo
JS 120
17 Air Malta
KM 643
18 Air Moldova
9U 572
19 Air Namibia
SW 186
20 Air New Zealand
NZ 086
21 Alitalia
AZ 055
22 All Nippon Airways
NH 205
23 Allied Air
24 Amerer Air
25 Amerijet
M6 810
26 Ariana Afghan Airlines
FG 255
27 Armavia
U8 669
28 Asiana Airlines
OZ 988
29 Atlant-Soyuz
3G 411
30 Atlas Air
5Y 369
31 ATRAN - Aviatrans Cargo Airlines
V8 868
32 Austrian Cargo
OS 257
33 Avanti Air Avanti Air
34 Avient Aviation
Z3 757
35 Bismillah Airlines
5Z 541
36 British Airways
BA 125
37 CAL Cargo Airlines
5C 700
38 Cargoitalia
2G 002
39 Cargolux Airlines
CV 172
40 Cathay Pacific Airways
CX 160
41 China Airlines
CI 297
42 China Cargo Airlines
CK 112
43 Cielos Airlines
A2 529
44 Continental Airlines
CO 005
45 Coyne Airways
7C 575
46 Croatia Airlines
OU 831
47 Cubana
CU 136
48 Demavia Airlines
EO 663
49 DHL Air
50 Dniproavia
Z6 181
51 Donbassaero
7D 897
52 Dragonair
KA 043
53 Egyptair
MS 077
54 El Al Israel Airlines
LY 114
55 Emirates SkyCargo
EK 176
56 Eritrean Airlines
57 Ethiopian Airlines
ET 071
58 Etihad Airways Crystal Cargo
EY 607
59 EVA Air
BR 695
60 FedEx Express
FX 023
61 Finnair Cargo
AY 105
62 Florida West International Airways
RF 330
63 Gulf Pearl Airline
64 Iberia
IB 075
65 Icelandair Cargo
FI 108
66 a.hartrodt (GmbH & Co) KG a.hartrodt (GmbH & Co) KG
67 Iran Air
IR 096
68 Japan Airlines
JL 131
69 Kalitta Air
K4 00
70 KLM Cargo
KL 074
71 Korean Air
KE 00
72 Kuzu Airlines Cargo
GO 444
73 LAN Cargo
UC 145
74 Lufthansa Cargo AG Lufthansa Cargo AG LH 020
75 Martinair
MP 129
76 MASKargo
MH 232
77 Midex Airlines
78 MNG Airlines
MB 716
79 Nightexpress Nightexpress
80 Nippon Cargo Airlines
KZ 933
81 Northwest Airlines
NW 012
82 Pakistan International Airlines
PK 214
83 Polar Air Cargo
PO 403
84 Polet Cargo Airlines
YQ 342
85 Qantas Freight
QF 081
86 Qatar Airways
QR 157
87 Rossiya Airlines
FV 195
88 Royal Air Maroc
AT 147
89 Royal Jordanian
RJ 512
90 Russian Sky Airlines
P7 215
91 SAS-Scandinavian Airlines System
SK 117
92 SAT Airlines
HZ 598
93 Saudi Arabian Airlines
SV 00
94 Shaheen Air Cargo
95 Silk Way Airlines
ZP 463
96 Silverfleet
97 Singapore Airlines Cargo
SQ 618
98 South African Airways Cargo
SA 083
99 Srilankan Airlines
UL 603
100 Tampa Air Cargo
QT 729
101 Tesis Aviation Enterprise
UZ 246
102 Thai Airways
TG 217
103 TNT Airways
3V 163
104 Trade Air
105 Turkish Airlines
TK 235
106 Turkmenistan Airlines
T5 542
107 Ukraine International Airlines
PS 566
108 UPS Airlines
5X 406
109 US Airways
US 037
110 Uzbekistan Airways
HY 250
111 Volga-Dnepr Airlines
VI 412
112 WDL Aviation WDL Aviation
113 Yangtze River Express Airlines
Y8 871
114 Yemenia Airways
IY 635
115 Zoom Airlines
116 ACG Air Cargo Germany GmbH ACG Air Cargo Germany GmbH 6U 730
117 Air Berlin Gmbh and Co. Luftverkehrs KG Air Berlin Gmbh and Co. Luftverkehrs KG AB
118 Blue Wings AG Blue Wings AG QW 049
119 Wiesbadener Flugdienst Kunkel Wiesbadener Flugdienst Kunkel 501
120 ACS - Aviation Consultants & Services GmbH   ACS - Aviation Consultants & Services GmbH
121 AMI Air Menzies International GmbH AMI Air Menzies International GmbH
122 ATC Aviation Services Ltd. ATC Aviation Services Ltd.
123 Cargogate Flughafen München GmbH Cargogate Flughafen München GmbH
124 Cargo-Partner GmbH Cargo-Partner GmbH
125 Chapman Freeborn Airmarketing GmbH Chapman Freeborn Airmarketing GmbH
126 C. H. Robinson Worldwide C. H. Robinson Worldwide
127 Cismat GmbH Cismat GmbH
128 Detzer Aircargo Service GmbH Detzer Aircargo Service GmbH
130 Fraport Cargo Services GmbH Fraport Cargo Services GmbH
131 Global Cargo Management GmbH Global Cargo Management GmbH
132 Global GSA Group (Mondial Airline Services GmbH) Global GSA Group (Mondial Airline Services GmbH)
133 Hellmann Worldwide Logistics GmbH & Co. Hellmann Worldwide Logistics GmbH & Co.
134 Iberia Cargo Iberia Cargo
135 Kales Airline Services GmbH Kales Airline Services GmbH
136 Leisure Cargo GmbH Leisure Cargo GmbH
137 Logi-Sped GmbH Logi-Sped GmbH
138 Lufthansa Cargo Charter Agency GmbH Lufthansa Cargo Charter Agency GmbH
139 LUG aircargo Handling GmbH LUG aircargo Handling GmbH
140 MBS Logistics GmbH MBS Logistics GmbH
141 Mentfield Logistics Germany GmbH Mentfield Logistics Germany GmbH
142 PortGround GmbH PortGround GmbH
143 ProAir Charter Transport GmbH ProAir Charter Transport GmbH
144 Quick-Cargo Service GmbH Quick-Cargo Service GmbH
145 Qualified-Cargo-Solutions GmbH Qualified-Cargo-Solutions GmbH
146 SkyMovers GmbH SkyMovers GmbH
148 United Airlines Cargo United Airlines Cargo UA 016
149 Wallenborn Transports SA Wallenborn Transports SA
150 AeroSpace Initiative Saxony AeroSpace Initiative Saxony
151 Globe Air Cargo Globe Air Cargo
152 ASIS Aerospace Initiative Saxony ASIS Aerospace Initiative Saxony

Germany Airports (118)

No. Airport name IATA ICAO Length City
1 Aachen/Merzbruck AAH EDKA Aachen
2 Augsburg - Muehlhausen AGB EDMA 4199 ft. Munich
3 Flugplatz AGE EDWG 2789 ft. Wangerooge
4 Altenburg Nobitz AOC EDAC 2235 ft. Altenburg
5 Barth BBH EDBH 3937 ft. Barth
6 Bitburg Air Base BBJ EDRB 8221 ft. Bitburg
7 Berlin Metropolitan Area BER BER* Berlin
8 Bielefeld BFE EDLI 4121 ft. Bielefeld
9 R.A.F. BGN ETUR 8159 ft. Brueggen
10 Borkum BMK EDWR 3281 ft. Borkum
11 Baltrum BMR EDWZ 360 ft. Baltrum Island
12 Bremen BRE EDDW 6673 ft. Bremen
13 Bremerhaven BRV EDWB 2259 ft. Bremerhaven
14 Braunschweig BWE EDVE 5315 ft. Braunschweig
15 Bindlacher-Berg BYU EDQD 2969 ft. Bayreuth
16 Cologne/bonn CGN EDDK 12467 ft. Cologne
17 Dresden Arpt DRS EDDC 8229 ft. Dresden
18 Dortmund DTM EDLW 6562 ft. Dortmund
19 Dusseldorf International Airport (rhein-ruhr) DUS EDDL 9842 ft. Dusseldorf
20 Eisenach EIB EIB* Eisenach
21 Emden EME EDWE 3281 ft. Emden
22 Erfurt ERF EDDE 6562 ft. Erfurt
23 Essen ESS EDLE 5095 ft. Essen
24 Wasbek Airport EUM EDHN 1968 ft. Neumuenster
25 Cuxhaven FCN ETMN Nordholz-Spieka
26 Friedrichshafen FDH EDNY 7726 ft. Friedrichshafen
27 Fuerstenfeldbruck Air Base FEL ETSF 9002 ft. Fuerstenfeldbruck
28 Soellingen FKB EDSB Karlsruhe/Baden Baden
29 Schaferhaus FLF EDXF 4003 ft. Flensburg
30 Allgäu FMM EDJA 9780 ft. Memmingen
31 Münster-Osnabrück International Airport FMO EDDG 7119 ft. Greven
32 Neubrandenburg FNB KFNB Neubrandenburg
33 Frankfurt International Airport (rhein-main) FRA EDDF Frankfurt
34 Rhein-Main AFB FRF FRF* Frankfurt
35 Fritzlar Airbase FRZ ETHF Fritzlar
36 Giebelstadt GHF ETEU Giebelstadt
37 Geilenkirchen GKE ETNG 10009 ft. Geilenkirchen
38 Rheindahlen GMY GMY* Rheindahlen
39 Rügen GTI EDCG 900 ft. Guettin
40 RAF GUT ETUO 7388 ft. Guetersloh
41 Westerland - Sylt GWT GWT* 6968 ft. Westerland
42 Raf Gatow GWW KGWW Berlin
43 Hanover Arpt HAJ EDDV 8858 ft. Hanover
44 Hamburg Airport HAM EDDH 12024 ft. Hamburg
45 Heidelberg HDB EDIU Heidelberg
46 Heringsdorf HDF EDAH 7563 ft. Heringsdorf
47 Heide-Buesum HEI EDXB 2362 ft. Heide-Buesum
48 Helgoland Düne HGL EDXH 1312 ft. Helgoland
49 Frankfurt-Hahn HHN EDFH 11900 ft. Hahn
50 Hof HOQ EDQM 2690 ft. Hof
51 Ingolstadt-manching IGS ETSI 9646 ft. Ingolstadt-manching
52 Juist JUI EDWJ 2296 ft. Juist
53 Kiel-Holtenau KEL EDHK 4134 ft. Kiel
54 Kaiserslautern KLT ETED Kaiserslautern
55 Kuethen KOQ EDCK Köthen
56 Kassel-Calden KSF EDVK 5495 ft. Kassel
57 Kitzingen AAF KZG ETIN Kitzingen
58 Blankensee LBC EDHL 5912 ft. Lübeck
59 Halle LEJ EDDP 8202 ft. Leipzig-Halle
60 Langeoog LGO EDWL 2116 ft. Langeoog
61 Black Forest LHA EDTL 9842 ft. Lahr
62 Düsseldorf Regional Airport LRC ETUL Laarbruch
63 Moenchen-gl. - Dus Exp MGL EDLN 3937 ft. Moenchengladbach
64 Mannheim Airport MHG EDFM 3281 ft. Mannheim
65 Franz Josef Strauss MUC EDDM 13100 ft. Munich
66 Cuxhaven NDZ KNDZ 8002 ft. Nordholz-Spieka
67 Norden NOD NOD* 3740 ft. Norden
68 Norddeich NOE EDWS 1713 ft. Norddeich
69 Norderney NRD EDWY 3281 ft. Norderney
70 Niederrhein NRN EDLV 8005 ft. Niederrhein
71 Nuernberg NUE EDDN 8858 ft. Nuernberg
72 Oberpfaffenhofen OBF EDMO 7500 ft. Oberpfaffenhofen
73 Wyk Auf Foehr OHR EDXY 1804 ft. Wyk Auf Foehr
74 Paderborn/lippstadt PAD EDLP 5577 ft. Paderborn
75 Peenemuende PEF EDCP Peenemuende
76 Boeblingen PHM PHM* Boeblingen
77 Ording Airport PSH EDXO 2198 ft. St Peter
78 Station QDU QDU* Dusseldorf
79 Neu Isenburg QGV QGV* Frankfurt
80 Wallmuhle RBM KRBM Straubing
81 Rechlin REB EDAX Rechlin
82 Laage RLG ETNL Rostock-laage
83 Ramstein RMS ETAR 8030 ft. Ramstein
84 Ensheim SCN EDDR 6562 ft. Saarbruecken
85 Sembach Air Base SEX ETAS 7880 ft. Sembach
86 Siegerland Airport SGE EDGS 5315 ft. Siegen
87 Spangdahlem SPM ETAD Spangdahlem
88 Stuttgart Echterdingen STR EDDS 8366 ft. Stuttgart
89 Schoenefeld SXF EDDB 9843 ft. Berlin
90 Parchim Airport SZW EDOP Schwerin
91 Tempelhof THF THF* 6942 ft. Berlin
92 Berlin International Airport TXL EDDT 9918 ft. Berlin
93 Pforheim UPF UPF* Pforheim
94 Burg Feuerstein URD EDQE Burg Feuerstein
95 Varrelbusch VAC EDWU Varrelbusch
96 Schleswig-jagel Air Base WBG ETNS Schleswig-jagel
97 Wildenrath WID WID* 8192 ft. Wildenrath
98 Wiesbaden Air Base WIE ETOU Wiesbaden
99 JadeWeser WVN EDWI 4787 ft. Wilhelmshaven
100 Finkenwerder XFW EDHI Hamburg
101 Lemwerder XLW EDWD 6234 ft. Lemwerder
102 Off line Point XZE XZE* Rail (Generic)
103 Sachsen Railway Stn. ZAU ZAU* Aue
104 Breitenau AAF ZCD ETEJ 3773 ft. Bamberg
105 Frankfurt/Oder Railway ZFR ZFR* Frankfurt/Oder
106 Gera Railway ZGA ZGA* Gera
107 Goerlitz Railway ZGE ZGE* Goerlitz
108 Gotha Railway ZGO ZGO* Gotha
109 Greifswald Railway ZGW ZGW* Greifswald
110 Halle Railway ZHZ ZHZ* Halle
111 Railway ZIU ZIU* Aachen
112 Jena Railway ZJS ZJS* Jena
113 Zweibruecken Airport ZQW EDRZ 9677 ft. Zweibrücken
114 Dessau Railway Stn. ZSU ZSU* Dessau
115 Cottbus Railway Stn. ZTT ZTT* Cottbus
116 Chemnitz Railway Stn. ZTZ ZTZ* 40 ft. Chemnitz
117 Messe-BF Railway Servi ZVM ZVM* Hanover
118 Hanover Railway ZVR ZVR* Hanover
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